Smoky Mountain Scramble Run

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By Ed Subias

Just before Halloween as Fall was getting into full effect, I visited the fine folks at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson for a romp in the famous Smoky Mountains aboard one of their magnificent Sportster Scramblers that they build in-house. With some smart spec’ing from the Harley-Davidson Hard Parts line and some other fine accessory companies they churn out some purpose built scramblers that flat out rule in the dirt. With no fabrication or welding of any kind involved and the upward popularity in scrambler and tracker types of motorcycles ,we wonder if anything like these Smoky Mountain H-D scramblers would ever roll off H-D’s production line? I know I sure would like to see it because after riding these machines, I am hooked on riding some Harley’s in the dirt !!

The Sportster power plant with it’s torquey and tractable characteristics is the perfect partner for some wild and wooly off-road antics. The bike we rode was outfitted with an accessory fork cartridge kit from Progressive Suspension and Works Performance shocks that performed flawlessly on all kinds of off and on road terrain. These suspension items took the bike up a couple levels from stock that really made the bike scrambler performance worthy. Smoky Mountain H-D out sources their own Scrambler Seats that ride a bit higher than the stock and make all the difference for off-road capability. The added height stretches the legs out more, giving the feeling of being on top of the bike rather than being in it.This helps with controlling the machine and also adds long distance comfort.

A set of Burly Brand Scrambler Bars and Continental TKC 80’s also made a huge difference in the Sportster’s off-road prowess. The Burly Scrambler bars with their ample …read more

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