Super Hooligan Flat Track Race

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By Ed Subias

The Hooligan race class has come a long way in a few short years. Once a sideshow class at the local speedway tracks good for some thrills and guaranteed spills, it has morphed into an actual racing class. Complete with sponsored racers and televised races!!

I first noticed the “Hooligan” class, V-Twin based street bikes, a few years ago at Costa Mesa Speedway during ” Harley” night. I had ventured to these Harley nights a few times before but things were a little different now. A few times a year, the race promoter invites anybody on a street legal V-Twin to come out and race and put on a ” show” for the racing fans, i.e. a crashfest. Ape Hangers, out of control baggers, smoke, high sides, dirt in your beer and wild cheering from the rabid crowd were always a given.

As I walked the through the pits checking out the bikes getting ready for the carnage that night a few years back, I noticed a Sportster that was purely bad ass. It had 19′ wheels with real flat track tires front and rear and a bunch of other race specific goodies. This was no street bike and sparked my interest and competitive juices. I found out Chris Wiggins was the man with this machine. I straddled the trackside wall as he raced and was taken aback, he hauled ass on that bike, and it looked like a hell of a good time. Things were about to change.

Street Tracker style of bikes have always been around in some shape or form, but this was something different. This was a whole new movement and Chris Wiggins was leading the charge of these loud, wild but very fast gang of racers, The ” Hooligans”.

I myself was bitten by the …read more

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