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Tim and David Sutherland own Coastal Victory just outside of Myrtle Beach, and they must be doing something right. You don’t get to be one of the most successful Victory dealerships in the country while being based in a small market without reaching beyond local business. Tim says, “We were a used-car dealership back in ’04. The building we were in had extra room. We grew up riding bikes at the beach, so we started approaching manufacturers to see who was interested in us. Victory was a growing company willing to talk to us, as it needed a presence here. Now, my brother and I are in the top-10 Victory dealers consistently and in one of the smallest markets. We’re one of the biggest dealerships on the East Coast, too.”

A lot of that success has to do with their Victory custom parts line, Hot Vic: “We’re a dealer in Myrtle Beach,” Tim says. “We’ve been selling in-house customs for the last several years and gotten more and more people with more and more interest in custom Victories. Eventually, we felt there was enough support for an aftermarket parts company for individuals and dealers both. Now, we sell all over the world.”

This 2012 Victory Cross Country makes the case for their customizer kung fu more than my writing could hope to, though. The bike is a prime example of what they’ve been doing and continue to do for Victory riders all over the world—give them great custom parts to tailor their rides to whoever they might be. It was also a prototype machine for everything Hot Vic has made since, like the 26-inch front wheel.

You generally don’t see those on anything that’s not a Harley. Just like fitting the big rim to a hog, though, mating …read more

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