MO Tested: Tourmaster Elite Tri-Bag Tank Bag

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By Evans Brasfield

I’ve always been a fan of motorcycle tank bags. From within a month of my first bike purchase, I’ve had a tank bag for my bike. In fact, before I became a motojournalist, my tank bag was pretty much part of my motorcycle, only being removed for washing and track days. Twenty-five years ago, all tank bags were strapped on to their respective mounts, making them less convenient for folks who owned more than one bike. Along came magnetic tank bags, and the tank bag was revolutionized. So, naturally, the bike manufacturers countered with fuel cells below the seat and plastic “tanks” containing the airbox.

Well Tourmaster (and many other luggage manufacturers) now create mounting systems for both the magnetic and strap-on mounted denominations. In preparation for our Sports-Adventure Touring Shootout, I ordered up a Tourmaster Elite Tri-Bag Tank Bag to give me the carrying capacity and versatility I needed as staff photographer and chief device charger of the six-day ride.

2015 Ultimate Sports-Adventure-Touring Shootout

The plan was simple: I would outfit the lower cargo section as a charging station for action cameras and other small devices (with a USB cable going to the GPS pocket for the rider to charge his phone). The main cargo unit would hold the stuff needing more frequent access during the trip. I had it all planned out – or so I thought…

Nice features: opening for headphone wire or hydration tube, clip for hydration tube, and secured zipper pulls.

The Tourmaster Elite Tri-Bag Tank Bag is constructed of 1680-denier ballistic polyester. The sides and top of the smaller, removable lower compartment have hard, plastic supports between the layers of ballistic polyester and the soft inner liner to give support when heavier items are loaded in the main compartment. The main compartment also features …read more

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