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Calling this 2011 Electra Glide a shop bike is like saying Genghis Khan had anger issues. Technically, you’d be right but understating the obvious. Tom Keefer’s Franklin Church Choppers is a small shop in South Central Pennsylvania. It has been in business for 12 years now and specializes in service, repair, and customization. It’s a modest operation with a personal touch that creates five custom bikes a year or so. The place might be relatively young by business standards, but Tom’s no stranger to the bike builder rodeo. “I grew up around motorcycles,” he said. “My dad was a die-hard Harley rider. There was always a motorcycle apart in our living room. In summers we were always messing with his older bikes. When I grew up, I was a car mechanic at first who switched over to all bikes.” This baby his idea of a “shop bike.”

This Glide was found on Salvage Direct. It was totaled, with only 1,200 miles on it. Every painted surface bore horrible road rash. Mechanically, though, it was perfectly fine. It just needed some surgery so it wouldn’t look like the bagger equivalent of The Joker. When he got it home to the shop, Tom spent about a half hour stripping off ancillary parts, installing a new left turn signal and brake light lens, and it was ready to ride. Butt-ugly at the time but roadworthy.

That changed 500 miles later. “I needed a shop bagger to show what we could do with a stock bike and to try and grab some of the local bagger business,” Tom said. Stock and ugly isn’t any way to do that unless your shop’s name is “Stock and Ugly Cycles.”* It was time to bring beauty to the beast.

Tom Keefer used off-the-shelf parts without …read more

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