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By John Burns

Say, I’m a little pressed for time on this week’s column and need a quick and easy topic that won’t offend anybody. How about guns, and “gun violence,” a term that by itself set one of my Facebook friends off on a rant a few days ago? (He says “gun violence” is a phrase recently invented by gun-control forces to inculcate the insidious idea that guns are violent. Which they’re not until somebody pulls the trigger, I believe was his point.) All I know is there seems to be a tremendously high correlation between being a motorcycle person and a gun person. Many of the people who get misty eyed at the sight of a nice original Katana turn positively weepy when presented with a lever-action Winchester 30-30 like grandma used to shoot.

As I write this, the most recent mass shooting (massacre, unfortunate incidence of gun-related violence, whatever you choose to call it) took place last week in San Bernardino, California: 14 dead and many wounded. The week before that, another armed nut shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. Every time one of these happens, our President expresses sadness and a wish to pass stricter gun regulations, which leads to an avalanche of people saying what a jerk he is for even thinking about restricting their Second Amendment rights, followed by the other side saying what a bunch of crazies the gun nuts are for not wanting to do anything to stop the killings except arm people with more guns, the same predictable responses from both sides of the firing line.

The solution, as always, lies somewhere in between. Even though it’s sad we’re unable to accomplish anything meaningful as a nation anymore, it’s at least always good fun to watch people’s brains fill up with hot magma as …read more

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