Harley Road Glide: Turquoise Titillation

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When you were a kid, did you have the king-size Crayola crayon set? It was composed of four rows of 64 magical colors. To the first-grade version of me, that box might as well have contained every color of the rainbow—a hilarious notion now in this high-def age, with Pantone shades as vast as the number of hits on any given week’s YouTube viral sensation (upside-down twerking fire hazard hoax, anyone?). It even had a sharpener built into the box just to keep your point game tight. There were few things more deflating than nubby crayon points. Certain colors tended to wear down quicker: black (of course) and your red, blue, and green standards (my butt-white complexion-matching “peach” was always a mainstay for my pre-smartphone selfies). But then there were those colors that always stayed sharp because, frankly, who used them? We’re talking the lavenders (sorry, girls), the tans (sorry…Albuquerqueans?), and turquoise. I mean, all apologies to our Native-American jeweler readership, but who used turquoise? I wouldn’t even know turquoise existed if it weren’t for Crayola’s influence. Sometimes, though, that which is slept on—the sharper crayon in the box, as it were—is just so different that it’s kind of sexy.

Fortunately for us, Dave Covington of Covingtons Cycle City in Woodward, Oklahoma, remembered the allure of his turquoise wax stick in transforming faithful customer Wenton Walker’s 2011 Road Glide into a downright sexy showcase of his complement of parts, accessories, and creativity. Specifically, Pro Auto Body, also of Woodward, tailored the skintight dress of candy PPG turquoise paint that clothes this Harley hottie. Brian Loker added more sensuality by graphically cutting seductive slits in the saddlebags, gas tank, and fairing, teasing a sexy chemise underneath. You could think of her as a Hollywood debutante showing a …read more

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