Harley Road King: Fame Monster

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This bike ain’t no wallflower. This is what your parents warned you about. This brash, bold, raw, in-your-face bike is hard to mistake for any other bike out there. You feel it coming, you hear it coming, you see it coming, and you can’t help but look as it grabs your attention. Which is exactly why Azzkikr Custom Cycles dubbed its Road King “Rock Star.”

Everyone knows that Harley-Davidson makes quality bikes. A 2007 Road King with a 110ci Screamin’ Eagle mill demands its own respect, which is exactly why the crew at Azzkikr took it upon themselves to use that model as their blank canvas in order to showcase the company’s capabilities. Their recipe is simple: Take a quality bike, add a few ounces of pure attitude and a dash of power, mix in a raucous sound system and a wild paint job, and this bike is what you end up with!

However, as we all realize, it is the experience and knowledge of the best in the business that makes complicated things sound simple. These boys know how to get it done and how to do it right. They have been making show-winning bikes in the Pacific Northwest for more than eight years and continue to do so through tough times. Their clients want the best and are treated to some of the best bikes the industry can offer. It truly is a team effort at the Azzkikr shop.

Azzkikr started with the mechanical components and made sure the engine, suspension, and frame, basically, the overall chassis, was sound and functioning at peak levels. Alan Terasenco and Steve Dobbing work through each bike as if it were their own. They began by inspecting the chassis and tweaking it before anything else happens to the bike. Once …read more

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