Melissa Paris Hosts Ride Day For Fans At The Paris-Hayes Compound

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By Andrea Wilson

(Left to right) Melissa Paris, Cameron Beaubier, JD Beach and Joe Roberts spin laps around the short track at the Paris-Hayes compound at the #MPTrueFans Ride Day.

It’s not everyday that fans get a chance to ride with their idols at their home track. Well for five of Melissa Paris’ fans, that day was yesterday, December 13, at the #MPTrueFans Ride Day at her and her husband Josh Hayes’ home for a day of riding and dinner.

The day of fun was born out of a not-so-fun situation.

“I showed up at CoTA [Circuit of The Americas] this year for the first round and found out that one of my sponsors pulling back the level of support I thought I was going to get, which basically meant that I was dead in the water for the year. I wasn’t going to have enough money to continue racing,” Paris said.

American Supercamp’s Michael Carder (left) and four-time AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes (right) helped break down the basics of dirt track for the guests.

In a situation with little options, she turned to crowd funding. It was something Paris was always reluctant to do: “I never wanted to feel like I was begging for money from fans, we’re supposed to be entertaining them,” she said. But she met a guy who started a crowd-funding platform for action sports athletes called Dark Horse Pros that was a little different.

“The one thing that really sets his platform apart is that it’s not so much that fans are donating money, they can get some really cool merchandise or cool experiences in exchange for supporting you,” she explained. “One of the things …read more

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