2015 Over $500 Holiday Gift Guide

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By John Burns

Well, if people are in the habit of bestowing gifts worth more than $500 upon you, please friend us up on the Facebook and evite us over for the festivities, won’t you? For us at MO, it’s generally a lump of coal or nothing (which we’ll also like). We get most of our gifts spiritually, from the love that pours in through our USB ports from our loyal readers and Dick Ruble. In the dream world of online shopping though, here’s a short list of great motorcycle gifts for those of you lucky enough to be lounging on the dock – your ship or oil well having “come in.” Good for you. Say hello to the Donald from us.

KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket

The KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket is the Cadillac of off-road jackets, also good for sport tourers and adventure bikes. It’s built around some sort of “fully adjustable upper and lower harness” that makes it sort of hover around your body rather than hang on your shoulders. For the money, you’d expect it to have everything, and it does, including a hydration system, the latest word in armor, and a keep-you-dry guarantee. Cacti step aside when they see it coming.

$1,499 – 1,599

Diagnostic deal


The Pops Yoshimura days of tuning via jeweler files and throwing chicken bones is over. Instead of flying blind or intuition, you need one of these to diagnose what’s wrong with your late-model precious when something goes wrong – and you can use the Motorscan MS6050D Universal Motorcycle/ATV Scan Tool to adjust your fuel/air ratio and many other things. Software is available to deal with 45 major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions.


Friends w Benefits!


Liberty and justice for all are right around the corner, but in …read more

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