Head Shake – Guns and Moto, Part Deux

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By Chris Kallfelz

MO‘s regular Wednesday contributor’s columns are intended as an alternative to our usual straight motorcycle reviews and discussions. There is always a motorcycle connection to them, however tenuous, but they are first and foremost intended to be free-range editorial space. Last week we presented John Burns’ take on a current hot-button issue, and his “Guns And Moto” column touched off a blaze of controversy resulting in more than 130 reader comments. It also struck columnist Chris Kallfelz, who claims he tried to put Burns’ piece out of his head but wrote this column anyway. He expresses a different view of the gun issue.

I feel it is important to note that John, Chris and myself are all patriotic citizens, gun owners, and U.S. Army veterans. Our opinions may differ from issue to issue, but our loyalty is always with our fellow citizens and motorcyclists.

—Sean Alexander, Editorial Director, multiple firearm owner, patriot, veteran, MOron

When I was growing up motorcycles were regarded as dangerous, and firearms were regarded as a rite of passage for a young man. This would explain why I grew up hunting squirrels rather than doing berm shots on an XR75. Make no mistake, I wanted an XR75 or an RM80 in the worst sort of way, but due to the judgment of the adult charged with seeing that I made it to early adulthood without harming myself or others, I got a .22 and a 20-gauge instead. I am not complaining, it worked out for the best in my estimation.

This was normal, well, insofar as being raised by a Korean War-era Marine Corps staff sergeant could be considered normal. Today, not so much maybe, but back then it was. We were surrounded by former this and former that, all guys who’d served in Korea or …read more

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