TESTED: Alpinestars Stadium Shoes

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By john zamora

I’m far from a sneaker head and in general on any given day you can find me sporting a pair of the cheapest skater shoes I can buy. But when it comes to riding, I’ve had my fair share of crashes and have luckily had no damage to my ankles or feet. This is probably because you’ll be hard pressed to find me wearing said $20 skater shoes when I’m riding a motorcycle.
I must admit, I was pretty intrigued when I saw the Stadium Riding Shoes from Alpinestars. These super stylish high tops appear to be much more on the fashion and less on the functional side. But you don’t equip the top riders in the racing world without a damn good reputation and with that familiar Astar logo placed promintenly on the side, I knew there had to be some protection built in.
When it comes to airflow, the ventilated uppers flows air like a t-shirt and testing these shoes for the first time on a winter night ride made me very aware of that. Walking around out and about there are zero issues with these shoes. When it comes to comfort, the Stadium shoe is as comfy as they come and have now become my favorite shoes off the bike.

Where things get interesting is the added padding on toes, ankles and reinforced mid section that should take a mild punch in a pinch. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t catch me wearing the Stadium Shoes if the road get’s twisted or the chances of a serious spill or increased, but for commuting back and forth to work they fit the …read more

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