Church Of MO Moriwaki MD250H Vs Aprilia RS125 Shootout

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By Troy Siahaan

There’s an old saying that we’ve said many times on the pages of MO: It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. Never has that adage held more truth than during this, our comparison of the Moriwaki MD250H and Aprilia RS125 in 2010. One (Moriwaki) was designed to be a purebred track machine, while the other (Apriila) distilled the company’s long-standing history of 125cc two-stroke racing into a street-legal model. Considering the difference in performance between the two machines, it was a no-brainer the Moriwaki would be the superior machine around the Streets of Willow Springs racetrack, but it isn’t every day that two small-displacement motorcycles as unique as these two come around our direction, and the opportunity to pit the two of them together proved too much to resist. For more photos of both bikes ripping around the track, be sure to visit the photo gallery.

Moriwaki MD250H Vs Aprilia RS125 Shootout

Two-stroke against four-stroke track bikes

By Kevin Duke Feb. 05, 2010
Photography by Alfonse Palaima

Modern sportbikes are wonders of technology, packed with aircraft-grade aluminum, magnesium and titanium. And yet, most street-going sportbikes scale in at ready-to-ride weights of more than 400 pounds. So, how about if you could have a sportbike that weighs fully half of what a Yamaha R6 does?

Well, the Moriwaki MD250H fits the bill, with a sub-200-lb claimed tally of pounds.

So we loaded up the race-only Moriwaki alongside a revvy Aprilia RS125 two-stroker and headed off to the Streets of Willow racetrack to gauge the performance of these GP-bred tiddlers. Despite ultra-modest power output, the ring-dinger and the thumper were able to dance around much more powerful literbikes thanks to their incredible agility. Our day at aFastrack Riders event was more thrilling than it would’ve been …read more

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