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By Tom Roderick

Thanks to daddy-to-be editor, Troy Siahaan, and his 2015 $100-$200 Holiday Gift Guide I managed to score the perfect Christmas gift for my three-year-old nephew, Braxton – the 6V BMW R1200GS by RollPlay at Target for about $100. The BMW S1000RR by Ride-On at Wal-Mart may have been an even cooler toy, but at nearly double the price it surpassed the generosity my meager moto-journalist salary can afford. Besides, Braxton’s three and his understanding of what’s cool is derived from what I tell him is cool. I’m also hopeful the GS will be more durable than the double R when it comes to the type of playing a three-year-old boy meters out.

Surprising to me was the extent I was willing to go to acquire this toy. I’m no Grinch, but when it comes to Xmas shopping, I’m content with purchasing Amazon gift cards and having them electronically delivered to each recipient’s inbox. Merry Xmas, Love, Tom. Purchasing the 6V GS from Target’s website and having it delivered to grandma’s house for gift wrapping and prominent positioning under the tree should have required the same amount of keyboard effort as an Amazon gift card. Target, however, is no Amazon.

Troy’s Buyer’s Guide posted on November 30 – Cyber Monday – and unbeknown to me was the fact that Target’s servers were crippled under the consumer demand created by Target’s own advertising of Cyber Monday deals. Not long after receiving the email confirming my purchase of the GS, I received another informing me the Target store I had selected was out of inventory of the 6V BMW R1200GS by RollPlay. Thus began a futile attempt of me trying to resolve the situation with Target’s wounded website.

After reaching my limit of online frustration, I steeled my resolve for purchasing the GS – …read more

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