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By Bradley Adams

Complacency won’t get you anywhere. This is true in life and in motorcycle riding. Push yourself in a calculated manner, however, and you’ll start making progress in leaps and bounds. In motorcycle riding, that means moving reference markers, with the end result being a gradual improvement in lap times. But what reference markers should you be moving and, in pushing, how far is too far?

To briefly recap, reference markers are marks or objects on or near the racetrack that you will use to know exactly when to perform actions such as applying the brakes, letting go of the brakes, turning the motorcycle, or opening the throttle. Hitting these same markers lap after lap allows for consistent lap times and keeps you from getting “lost” on the track, with more markers generally equating to more consistency. But hitting the same reference markers over the course of multiple trackdays will also only allow you to go the same pace, lap after lap, trackday after trackday. There is no progress in terms of pace, even as your comfort level and riding ability comes up.

So which markers do you move and by how much?

While the answer to the “how much” end of that question is dependent on rider skill, comfort level, and bike setup, the answer to “which markers to move” is a bit easier to formulate; our general recommendation is braking markers (where you apply the brake) and throttle-application markers (where within the corner you open the throttle back up). Note of course that these markers will, regardless of skill level or comfort level, need to be adjusted in small margins, and moving one can have a direct impact on your ability to hit the other. Move your brake marker too far forward, for example, and you could be …read more

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