Church Of MO 2009 BMW G450X Review

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By Troy Siahaan

Off-road worthy motorcycles from MO’s past seem to be pretty popular Church items lately, so we’ll continue the theme again this week with a dirtbike from BMW. No, not the R1200GS, but a real dirtbike, the 2009 BMW G450X. In a time when BMW was trying to reinvent itself to attract new riders, the G450X presented something radically different than the comfy touring bikes many younger riders pictured their parents – or even grandparents – riding. Ultimately, the G450X had a short shelf life, but the guts to continually reinvent itself and enter new motorcycling categories has resulted in products like the RnineT and the S1000 lineup. For that we partially have the G450X to thank. Here’s contributor Jeff Buchanan with his take on BMW’s dirtbike.

2009 BMW G450X Review

BMW gets dirty and enters the Enduro fray with its all-new dirt bike

By Jeff Buchanan Jun. 13, 2008
Photos by BMW

What better way for BMW – an established marque that is rapidly reshaping itself – to leave its longtime persona of gentlemanly conservatism in the dust than to build a serious dirt bike? The all new G450X is the latest in a continuing line of completely fresh, clean-sheet machines to emerge from the Munich-based manufacturer in a radical detour that reinforces the notion (to borrow a very tired cliché): this isn’t your father’s BMW.

For anyone paying attention, BMW Motorrad is aggressively redefining itself. In place of flashy marketing campaigns shallowly trumpeting a new direction, the German brand is letting its two-wheel product speak for itself, unveiling one new machine after another. Their latest, the G450X, represents a bold move into semi-uncharted territory.

<img src="×315.jpg" alt="A perfect play bike, the G450X loves to wheelie, allowing aging, grey-haired guys to feel young again." width="210" height="315" srcset="×315.jpg 210w,×90.jpg 60w,×93.jpg 62w,×186.jpg …read more

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