Church Of MO 2008 Zero X Electric Motorcycle Review

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By Troy Siahaan

Eight years ago we were the first to get a ride on a Zero electric motorcycle, the 2008 Zero X. Back then Zero was a very different company than it is today – Neal Saiki is gone, the machines are immensely more evolved, and they now look like motorcycles rather than converted mountain bikes – but reading Mark Gardiner’s and Micky Dymond’s positive thoughts about the 2008 Zero X confirms the impressive performance of electrics. Even crude ones. By today’s electric motorcycle standards the X is hardly worth mentioning, but for historical value – and as a measuring stick for progress – the X is hugely important. In only eight years Zero Motorcycles has greatly increased power and range, while lowering prices at the same time (government incentives also help). Zero’s make reasonable commuters or trail bikes for some people, and it started with the Zero X. Read about it below, and be sure to check out the photo gallery for more shots.

2008 Zero X Electric Motorcycle Review

Shocking but true

By Mark Gardiner Nov. 03, 2008
Photos by Mark Gardiner

Last summer, oil sold for over $125 a barrel and ecologists fretted over the prospect of the arctic ice cap melting for the first time in history. No surprise, then, that there was a sharp increase in interest in electric vehicles. Go ahead, roll your eyes–I don’t blame you. Because so far, electric vehicles have been… boring.

“Zero” emissions doesn’t have to mean fun.

You’re imagining golf carts or those rolling chairs that old, fat chain-smokers use to troll the aisles at Wal-Mart. You think that if–thanks to fossil fuel shortages or pollution control–we’re ever restricted to two-wheeled …read more

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