Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide 2016 $25-50

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You’ve been given one of the greatest gifts there is if your old dad’s a motorcycle guy and passed the gene onto you. If you’re lucky enough to still have him around in all his grouchy glory, bestowing some small token of your esteem upon the paterfamilias is the right and customary thing to do.

Lemonbest Double Eye Watch Repair Magnifier Loupe Jeweler Magnifying Glasses Tool Set With LED Light 10X 15X 20X 25X

A handy item to have when it comes to dealing with small things in tight, dark places – and for not-so-subtly implying that your old man’s blind as a bat… comes with four quickly interchangeable pairs of lenses. Big fun with potential practicality for only $35.08.


22-Inch Magnetic Floor Sweeper


You get old, you drop things, you lose things, you can’t see anymore to find them, you hate the world. Crack a cold one, take a deep breath, and roll this thing around till it finds the missing hardware. Yes, it will find your car keys. $39.99 at your local Harbor Freight.


Nitecore HC50 Headlamp


Is a theme developing here? Dad will wonder how he got so old without one of these, highly useful for working on motorcycles and everything else around the house and outside it, including helping his kids find their ass with both hands when it’s dark. …read more

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