2016 Yamaha Tricity 155 Announced for Europe

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By Dennis Chung announced a new, larger-displacement version of its Tricity leaning three-wheeler for the European market. The new Tricity 155 will be sold in Europe alongside the existing 125cc version, but offers more fuel and storage capacity and a larger rear wheel.

Though it’s only 30.2cc larger than the original Tricity’s powerplant, the 155 engine is substantially different. The new engine has four valves instead of two and a new variable valve actuation system Yamaha claims improves power output and fuel efficiency. Yamaha claims a maximum output of 14.9 hp at 9000 rpm, a 37% increase over the 125cc engine while peak torque is similarly increased to 10.6 lb-ft at 6000 rpm.

The Tricity 155 shares the same chassis as its 125 sibling, including the parallelogram link system that allows the two front wheels to turn and lean in tandem. To handle the extra power, the 155 gets larger 13-inch rear wheel sporting a wider 130/70 tire.

The seat height remains the same 30.7 inches as on the 125cc version but Yamaha managed to increase the underseat storage capacity to accommodate a full face helmet. Yamaha also increased the fuel tank by 0.2 gallons.


Visually, the Tricity 155 and 125 have similar styling. The rear body panels look sleeker and the passenger grab rails are more integrated into the design. The dual seat is longer and flatter while the footboard appears to be a bit roomier. The original Tricity already had LED turn signals but the 155 gets an LED headlight as well.

Other highlights include standard ABS, a 12V outlet and a parking brake inherited from the …read more

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