Church Of MO 2010 Kawasaki KLX110 KLX110L Review

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By Troy Siahaan

Kawasaki’s KLX110 has long been a great little dirtbike for the munchkins, and with the addition of the KLX110L, even the bigger kids (aka, parents) can join in on the fun. Both models are still in Kawasaki’s lineup, only $200 more than they were in 2010, when MO’s Alfonse Palaima got to ride them at Fox’s backyard dirt track. How did a grown child like Fonsie take to the little Kawi? Read on to find out. And for more pics, be sure to click the photo gallery.

2010 Kawasaki KLX110 & KLX110L Review

Good things in small packages

By Alfonse Palaima Nov. 10, 2009
Photos by Kawasaki Video by Fonzie

One of the coolest backyards I’ve ever seen is hidden deep in a secluded and secure parking lot of the Fox headquarters in Irvine, California. Kawasaki once again trucked in a great party, this time to launch the redesigned-for-2010 KLX110 lineup. With sharper and more aggressive KX-style characteristics, the new KLXs are lookin’ good!

While Kawasaki re-engineered the KLX110 base model with more power, more performance, and more control by changing the package from the ground up, they opted for two birds with one stone and made one for the “big” kids, too.

With two versions now stuffed under the model’s moniker, a KLX110 standard and a new KLX110L with long-travel suspension, there’s a little green monster for everyone in the family.

For the junior or misses, the standard KLX110 comes with an 26.8-inch saddle height, 111cc of Kawasaki four-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fun and one more gear than last year’s 3-speed. For the parents, or “adult” kids in the family, the 110L now has all that and 0.9 inches (0.8 inches at the shock) more suspension travel over the 110’s 4.3 inches. Naturally then the L model has a taller saddle (28.7-inches) and …read more

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