2016 Isle of Man TT Preview

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By Andrew Capone

Lead Photo Credit: Dave Kneen at Pacemaker Press International

With a history dating back to 1907, the Isle of Man TT stands alone as the most exciting event in motorsports. But beyond the racing, it is the total, immersive nature of the fortnight that makes the TT a singular experience. There is nothing virtual about the reality of being on the Isle of Man for the TT.

Out And About On The Isle Of Man

I’m on my way to this magical rock in the Irish Sea for the ninth time, and between race watching, serving as a TT Marshal, riding the island’s roads, and perhaps, if time permits, visiting a pub or twelve, I’ll again be reporting from the IoM for Motorcycle.com.

Motorcycle.com TT 2015 video can be seen here

So, with practice week kicking off on today, and the races starting on Saturday, June 4th, here are the top five TT storylines to follow over the next two weeks:

Will There Be A Sub- 17 Minute Lap?

Each TT lap covers nearly 38 miles on bumpy roads, with over 220 turns, all lined with stone walls, homes, burger vans, disoriented sheep, and spectators perched on hedges. And there’s a friggin’ mountain. NASA engineers have nothing on TT race bike suspension crews.

Last year, I wondered if we were close to ‘peak speed’ for the TT. Apparently not. The Morecambe Missile, John McGuinness, who at 43 years of age was whispered to be on the downside of his magnificent career, astonished the TT cognoscenti when, on the sixth and final lap of the Senior TT, he set a new record average speed of 132.701-mph, lapping the circuit in 17:03.5 seconds. As John himself said, ‘It’s good to be fast, fat and old.’

McGuinness at start line 2015 Senior TT. Credit IOMTT

Every rider in the top …read more

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