MO Tested: Troy Lee Designs Apex Pro Glove

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By Evans Brasfield

Part of our jobs as editors at a motorcycle-focused publication is to model a variety of riding gear for our readers, as it gives visibility to a wider variety of gear than you might have access to at a local motorcycle dealership. So, while displaying a variety of gear options is part of our job, you’ll also discover, if you look closely, that every MO staffer has their favorite items that show up in more photos than others. In my case, for the better part of a year, you would have seen quite a few appearances of the Troy Lee Designs Apex Pro Glove.

The Apex Pro Glove is a vented shorty glove that is perfect for three of the four SoCal seasons, where the bulk of the riding ranges in temperature from hot to excruciatingly hot. For safety-minded riders like myself, this type of glove should provide enough protection in all but the most sport-focused riding environments in the event of a get-off. (However, if you make a habit of riding 90 mph on the interstate, you might be better served with racing gauntlets.) What matters here is a decent amount of abrasion protection and good impact protection. Both things that I think the Apex provides at a reasonable price.

Supple and sturdy goatskin leather keep the palm thin and comfortable while protecting from abrasion.

The body of the glove is made of perforated leather, while the palm consists of dual layers of goatskin. The padding at the ball of the hand is relatively thin, providing little more than more abrasion resistance. However, on the back of the hands, the structured composite knuckle armor molds perfectly to my size-large hands. Additionally, the pointer, middle, and ring fingers each receive a tiny composite shield covering the proximal bones of the fingers. The …read more

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