Church Of MO 2009 Yamaha XJ6 XJ6 Diversion Review

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By Troy Siahaan

Could it be that the Yamaha XJ6 and XJ6 Diversion were just slightly ahead of their time? Naked middleweights are making what appears to be a comeback in the form of Yamaha’s FZ-07 and Suzuki’s new SV650, but in this week’s Church feature, we take a look at a bike that could be considered the predecessor to the FZ-07 – the Yamaha XJ6 (and its half-faired sibling, the XJ6 Diversion). Two bikes that never made it to America, assuming you don’t count the XJ6’s slightly different cousin, the FZ6R. Here, our European Correspondent, Tor Sagen, takes the XJ6 for a spin and tells us all about it. As usual, for more pics, be sure to visit the photo gallery.

2009 Yamaha XJ6 & XJ6 Diversion Review

Euros divert to diversion

By Tor Sagen Jan. 22, 2009
Photos by Dentsu live

While we were flogging Yamaha’s latest R1 around Australia’s Eastern Creek race circuit, the Europeans were sampling a new all-rounder naked bike around Sydney. The XJ6 is a Euro version of the fully faired FZ6R which we’ll be seeing in the North American market this Spring. Both are based on the existing FZ6 but have lower specification engines and chassis. We think the XJ6 looks a bit cooler than our FZ6R, but Americans have a propensity for ignoring naked sporty bikes, so we get the mechanically similar faired version we’ll be testing in mid-February. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the platform from our European correspondent. KD

The Diversion is like the VMax, a Ghost from the ’80s brought back to life by Yamaha in 2009. After years of the FZ6 acting as Yamaha’s entry-level model into multi-cylinder motorcycles, the …read more

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