Suzuki RMX450Z Returns for 2017

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By Dennis Chung ‘s lineup for the first time since 2010. The frame, suspension and bodywork are nearly identical to the RM-Z450 motocrosser but Suzuki added electric start, full-function instrumentation, an 18-inch rear wheel and lighting to adapt it for trail riding.

“The 2017 RMX450Z delivers renowned Suzuki handling, power and reliability to off-road riders,” said Kerry Graeber, Suzuki Motor of America vice president of Sales and Marketing. “Suzuki has established a performance edge with the RM-Z family of competition bikes, and we are excited to introduce an off-road-focused motorcycle derived from that family. This expansion of the Suzuki line gives riders who grew up with smaller Suzuki off-road bikes a new model to step up to.”

The fuel-injected 449cc Single is similar to the one powering the RM-Z450 but with a modified inlet tract and revised cam profiles, changes Suzuki claim will increase low and mid-rpm power. The five-speed constant-mesh transmission offers wider gear ratios than the motocross bike, making it better suited for enduro riding. Suzuki also added a protector plate while adding a coolant reservoir tank to improve trail-riding reliability.

Though the RMX450Z has a kickstarter, Suzuki added an electric starter. The starter’s battery is centrally located to avoid upsetting weight distribution. Suzuki also added a larger magneto-generator to help charge the battery and power the 35W headlight and LED taillight.

Above the Renthal Fatbar is a dual-mode LCD instrument cluster. In Sport mode, the display shows a timer, tripmeter, average speed and tire-diameter correction. Switching to Standard mode changes the display to show speed, time, two trip lengths and voltage. The instrument panel also has an indicator light to show when the 1.6-gallon fuel tank is running low.

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