Church Of MO 2008 Moto Morini Corsaro Review

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By Troy Siahaan

I’ll admit, I didn’t know Moto Morini was still in business. However, after a quick Google search, the company has a website that appears to be up-to-date, with five models. Unfortunately, none of them are coming to the U.S. Hence why I forgot about the marque. In 2008, though, contributor Yossef Schvetz hopped aboard the Moto Morini Corsari, in a review for the then-revived company. With a 1200cc V-Twin stuffed into a naked bike chassis, it appears that maybe MM should reconsider its decision not to bring bikes to America. This category seems to be all the rage these days (and the topic of a MO six bike shootout to come in a few days…). Read on to find out more about the Corsaro and Moto Morini. -TS

2008 Moto Morini Corsaro Review

The naked Italian alternative

By Yossef Schvetz Jul. 11, 2008

Comeback plots can take interesting turns and twists. More than 30 years after designing Morini’s first family of small V-Twins (remember the Sport 3 ½?), Franco Lambertini was called to the flag again.

The mission? Designing yet another Vee for the born-again brand. I don’t think that the old and respected Ingeniere ever dreamt that he’ll be called to close his creative cycle after retiring already, but regardless of his advanced age, one thing can be said up front about the result: This new Morini 1200 has got one mean powerplant!

2008 Moto Morini Corsaro.

So then, you may ask, another comeback from one more god-forgotten marque? Haven’t we had enough with Norton, Indian, Mondial and countless other half-hearted resuscitation jobs? Well, this time it does look different. For starters, it’s not powered by some Harley clone mill or an on-loan-from-Honda motor (Mondial). There’s a serious from-the-ground-up R&D effort here, and these Morini guys from Bologna don’t intend to make their fortune …read more

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