When Internet Trash Talking Takes To The Streets

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By Troy Siahaan

A little trash talking is healthy when it comes to competition. It gets both sides heated up, it’s entertaining, and it makes for exciting action once the competition gets underway.

But if a little trash talking is good, then a lot of trash talking must be better, right? The answer is a glorious (and incredibly stupid) yes. That’s the case here with Mickey Mazo (camera bike) and Romer Corbe. After a long bout of heated trash talking on Facebook, the two decided to settle their score with a race. Except this race was to be held in broad daylight on a public road. The pot for this highly illegal race held somewhere in Asia? An estimated $20,000!

The battle generated a lot of local buzz on the internet, and as you’ll see below, a significant number of people came out to cheer their favorite rider. The duo rip around on their highly modified scooters, dodging traffic in both directions, using up the entire road with their knees on the deck and suspensions bouncing. The two stay really close to each other all the way to the line, and as much as I think their actions peg the rev limiter on the stupidity scale, I gotta give them a little credit for their skill – I’d be lying if I said the video wasn’t entertaining. Check it out below.

It goes without saying that Motorcycle.com DOES NOT condone this type of behavior.

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