Ask MO Anything: Do Piggyback Tuners Affect Stock Electronic Rider Aids?

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By John Burns .

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Dear MOby,

I’m a regular reader from Australia and love your work. The articles are always helpful and relatively unbiased.

I have the new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and wanted to install a Rapid Bike Racing unit to it. It’s a unit similar to a Power Commander, but it automatically adjusts the map as you ride and the conditions change.

My question for you is this: With the standard quickshifter, launch control and other electrickery, will installing the Rapid Bike nullify these features and result in me having to run the similar systems integrated in the Rapid Bike module?

I suppose this would affect many modern bikes now and I wouldn’t want to reduce the effectiveness of the in-built systems.

All the best,

Ryan Cullen
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dammit, this is just the kind of question MOby lives in fear of. Who do we look like, Stephen Hawking? Are you sure you don’t want to know how to plug a tire or talk your mom into buying you a Hayabusa? Luckily, the interwebs makes it easy enough for even a MOron to go straight to the source; in this case that’s Yaman Turan, Rapid Bike’s U.S. rep. RB is based in Italy, and Mr. Turan says he’ll be heading over there for its 25th anniversary in September; at least you’re dealing with an established company even if it’s an Italian one. He says and we quote:

Great question. None of Rapid Bike systems, Racing or Evo, will interfere with any of the stock functions on the ZX-10R or any other models highly decorated with electronic functions such as TC, QS (quickshifter), EB (engine braking) or LC (launch control) – even though Rapid Bike itself has all or some of those functions already built in to work …read more

Source:: Ask MO Anything: Do Piggyback Tuners Affect Stock Electronic Rider Aids?


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