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What was the strategy for the Sachsenring race?

As the weather conditions were very unstable it was difficult to know how the race would go. In morning warm-up Dani was fastest but Marc had a big crash, so on the grid he decided to use the softer front tire, the same that Dani, Jorge and Vale used. Unfortunately, with his riding style this was not the best option but Marc managed the first part of the race really well and he took the correct decision at the perfect moment to come into the pits and switch bikes. Of course, his first laps with slicks were very difficult. You need Marc’s talent to do something like that! Unfortunately for Dani he didn’t have the same feeling in the race as he had in the warm-up, but he still managed to bring the bike home in a solid sixth position.

Any positive or negative points from the race?

The positive is clearly Marc’s seventh win in a row here in Germany! We must congratulate him, because he did a perfect job today. Also his mechanics were great, as they were able to rebuild the bike after his warm-up crash and it worked perfectly. The negative is that after a weekend during which Dani showed good speed in practice, the changing conditions during the race were not the best for him.

The view from the pit wall during the race?

As always in a ‘flag-to-flag’ race the tension was very high on the pit wall! At the beginning of the race it was clear that Marc was struggling with the front tire, so when he came back to the pits to switch bikes we knew the track conditions were at the limit, so it would be easy to make a mistake. But he didn’t make a …read more

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