Church Of MO 2006 Yamaha FZ-1

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By Troy Siahaan

In light of the new Yamaha FZ-10 I rode a few days ago, let’s travel back 10 years to the intro of the 10’s predecessor: the FZ1. It, too, was a more comfortable version of the built-for-the-track R1, but in stark contrast to the new FZ-10 it’s styling can only be considered bland by comparison. Styled more for the gentlemanly set, it’s a bit strange Gabe Ets-Hokin was the one who got to ride this bike at the intro (zing!). Nonetheless, the FZ1 holds a soft spot in many rider’s hearts for being more than just a naked R1 with a handlebar – it’s a comfortable long-distance machine that can also handle the bends. Here’s Gabe to tell you more.

2006 Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha Sets a New Standard with a Sport Standard Standard-Bearer

By Gabe Ets-Hokin, Mar. 20, 2006

Santa Rosa, CA — Guerneville Road is scenic, yet mostly boring and straight. It runs along the Russian River and makes a few twists and turns as it meanders through the vineyards and pastures of Western Sonoma County. It’s the road where, several years ago, I swapped bikes with my friend Racin’ Jason and rode an FZ-1 for the first time.

I remember a big, rangy bike with long legs, plenty of power and a soft, squishy feel that was still fun. The big blue machine had a nice sound and a nicer look and feel. It was so much more comfortable than the CBR 600 F2 I had been riding for the previous 200 miles that I felt like sobbing with relief, yet I didn’t seem to have trouble keeping up with Jason riding my race-replica.

Mr. Spock, set your taste buds to “drool.”

Skip forward a few years to last April, when we at MO pitted an `05 YZF-R1 against an `05 FZ-1. …read more

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