Book Review: The Adventures Of Mimi And Moto The Motorcycle Monkeys

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By Hayden Roderick

Baby Einstein is my favorite, but I also like watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians with mom. Dad says there’s nothing better for turning your mind to mush than reality TV, and he tries to undo any damage every chance he gets by reading to me from books. He went so far as to dig out his own ancient baby books, which is cool, but I think he enjoys them more than I do. A new book we’ve been reading is called The Adventures Of Mimi and Moto The Motorcycle Monkeys. It’s a book we both enjoy.

“No standing up while riding in sidecars!” says dad. He also points out that sidecars should only have one wheel.

Dad likes Mimi and Moto because it’s a chance for him to share with me his passion for motorcycles. I’m not old enough to ride yet, but I like the cute, big-eyed monkeys, all the bright colors, and the way the words sound when he reads them to me. Dad does a good job pointing to all the different types of motorcycles the book’s authors, Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn, included in the book. Dad also explains why different motorcycles perform better than others in particular situations, as well as all the places you can go on a motorcycle.

Being a little girl it’s important to me that Mimi is depicted as being just as good as Moto is at riding motorcycles. She rides sportbikes, dirtbikes, and cruisers all over the world. Sometimes it’s a dirtbike in the desert or a touring bike in the mountains, but she’s always wearing appropriate gear that matches the motorcycle. Sometimes Mimi and Moto ride together on the same bike like mommy and daddy, and the book says that’s the most important thing.

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