Behold! The Motorcycle Trike Drum Set

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By Dennis Chung

Yes, that’s right, what we have here is a patent application for a trike integrated with a full drum set. The brainchild of one Michael Pestritto of Pompano Beach, Fla., this patent describes a trike with a 12-piece double-base kit and a secondary set of controls so someone can operate the trike from the passenger seat while the rider in front can lay down a wicked drum solo.

You may have seen something like this before; one notable example is this video of a drummer and guitarist riding on a motorcycle somewhere in Russia. That set-up actually had the drum kit on a sidecar platform.

Pestritto’s design has the drums positioned so that the drummer is centrally located with the weight of the extra equipment evenly distributed on either side. The patent points out the sidecar set-up may be too side-heavy, affecting its ability to turn. Pestritto’s solution was to arrange the kit so that its components are more or less balanced.


Between the two seats is a second set of handlebars for controlling the trike. The patent describes a hydraulic system for steering the front wheel, though it makes no mention of how the throttle is controlled or the transmission is engaged. The drawings of the secondary controls lack a clutch lever so problem might not have a solution yet.

Needless to say, Pestritto seems like …read more

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