Ducati’s Premier Financing Program

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By John Burns

Ducati says its new financing program is a major step forward in the company’s new brand-expansion strategy, which will allow more riders to get on a bike which was, for many, out of financial reach. Motorcycle financing can be more than a little challenging for many riders; Ducati’s new program removes a barrier that was keeping riders of more modest means on other brands that offered friendlier financing. Heck, I think I could afford $89 a month for a Scrambler Sixty2!

Now all they need is Ducati Insurance Inc.

Official Release!


Riders can now own a new Ducati for the cost of a coffee a day.

Cupertino, Calif. (March 1, 2017) – It’s true. For the cost of a good cup of coffee per day, motorcycle enthusiasts across the U.S. can afford the Ducati of their dreams.

Because today, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati announced the launch of its new flexible financing program, Ducati Premier Financing. This Program is a major step forward in Ducati’s new brand-expansion strategy, and one that allows far more riders to access a premium product many have felt to be out of reach… until now.

The Program’s flexibility means that riders can enjoy affordable and far lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing, even with a low down payment. There are no wear-and-tear or mileage restrictions, owners can opt for a shorter trading cycle if they want to trade in for the latest model, and they can add accessories as they choose; unlike a traditional lease. At the end of term owners can trade for the newest Ducati model, sell it privately, or pay it off. The result is a monthly rate that would be less than the cost of renting a comparable motorcycle for just a single day.

Ducati Premier Financing applies to all …read more

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