MO Tested: Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Textile Gloves

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By Troy Siahaan

If you haven’t been keeping track, California has been a hot, dry state for the past several years. Which is a good thing when it comes to riding motorcycles year-round, but less so when you’re trying to test cold-weather gloves. Thankfully, that dry spell has come to an end this year, with bucket loads of rain bringing with it some chilly weather. Finally, a chance to put Joe Rocket’s Rocket Burner textile gloves to use.

Background Info

Constructed from Hipora nylon, which is a waterproof and breathable blend of nylon, the exterior of the Rocket Burners resemble ski gloves more than motorcycle gloves. That’s because a discrete foam padded area over the knuckles is the only indication of impact protection. Other winter gloves I’ve tried in the past have had their protectors more pronounced and plentiful – the Rocket Burners don’t have any impact protectors over the fingers, for example. However, what I didn’t like about my other winter gloves is the added bulk that comes as a result of all the different layers needed to keep the glove warm as well as resistant to the weather.

Apart from the red On/Off button near the wrist closure, it’d be difficult to tell these are heated gloves. Also note the padding above the knuckles, the only area equipped with impact protection.

With the Rocket Burner gloves, the Hipora exterior fabric helps keep water at bay. Inside, battery-powered heating elements are adjustable to three levels, run along the backside of the fingers and hand, and are covered by a fleece liner. This reduction in layers compared to non-heated winter gloves means less bulk and more feel at the controls. The batteries themselves are two lithium-ion units (one for each glove) that slip into pockets underneath each wrist. Joe Rocket says they’re good for up to …read more

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