2017 Women’s Motorcycle Show Report

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By Ethan Cirmo

If you walk along Mission Road as it hugs the L.A. River just South of 101, you’ll pass by gray industrial buildings behind razor-wire fences, a high school, a mission, a large canned foods plant, and then seemingly out of nowhere, a curious and cheerful blue building that really sticks out. A red banner painted above the second story window reads “Lucky Wheels.”

For a DIY motorcycle shop that rents space, it’s surprisingly quiet. Bike owners with focused expressions tend to their machines, talk, and occasionally fire bikes up and speed out the garage door for lunch. Such is a normal day at Lucky Wheels Garage.

This day, however, it’s busier than usual. Helpers shouted back and forth and scurried around, tidying corners, setting up displays, moving bikes, putting up posters. This was the scene before MotoLady‘s second annual Women’s Motorcycle Show, a raucous celebration of women in motorcycling at Lucky Wheels Garage in L.A.

In just a few hours, the ample garage space seemed tiny as nearly 500 people packed in to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of a small but growing segment of the motorcycle community: women.

Six years into her moto-blog venture, occasional MO contributor “MotoLady” Alicia Elfving (visible in the lead photo) has hit her stride. Every year since starting her grand experiment she has thrown a party to celebrate the year’s achievements, both for her blog and for women’s motorcycle culture in general. And every year the events have become a bigger deal, drawing more people, featuring more bikes, and shining the spotlight ever brighter on women in motorcycling. Last year’s show was the first to be titled and themed the Women’s Motorcycle Show, and it set a lofty bar with hundreds attending and 15 very unique bikes on display.

<img src="http://motorcycle.com.vsassets.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/030217-2017-motolady-womens-motorcycle-show-2-633×422.jpg" alt="030217-2017-motolady-womens-motorcycle-show-2" width="633" height="422" srcset="http://motorcycle.com.vsassets.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/030217-2017-motolady-womens-motorcycle-show-2-633×422.jpg 633w, http://motorcycle.com.vsassets.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/030217-2017-motolady-womens-motorcycle-show-2-315×210.jpg 315w, …read more

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