Husqvarna History Lesson: 1930 Swedish Grand Prix

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Did you know Husqvarna was involved in road racing once upon a time? Here’s the first of two entries chronicling Husqvarna’s 500cc motorcycle racing involvement.

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Kenneth Olausson

A new racing era began in 1930 when the Swedish Grand Prix was introduced for motorcycle competition. In the little village of Saxtorp in southern Sweden, more people gathered than had ever before witnessed two-wheel racing. Husqvarna was present in the inaugural event and played a major role in the big-bore 500cc class. A third place was well-deserved for the local ace Yngve Ericsson, who thrilled a massive crowd of 70’000 spectators.

The Husqvarna team arrived full of hopes in Saxtorp, the little village in the province of Skane where the first-ever Grand Prix of Sweden was held. It was not a coincidence that the GP scene would be attributed to Saxtorp. The village was inhabited by a mere 625 people back in 1930. But the decisive factor was its geographical position, which attracted the attention of the organisers. Here was a great junction and people from all over could gather easily as there were numerous ways of getting to the small village. Even motorcycle fans from Denmark could go to Saxtorp without big troubles. By ferry it was easy to reach and by airplane you could access Saxtorp by buying a 30-kronor ticket (approx. 6 US dollars). Another feasible factor was the possibility of closing down the whole area around Saxtorp without encountering any big traffic problems.

Saxtorp was a place that had not changed very much since the railroad came along some 30 years earlier. Tobacco growing was one of the more popular aspects and it was promoted according to the “half/half-principle”, meaning that the growers lent the land from the owners and split the revenues 50/50 …read more

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