Fake News: No, Honda Did Not Patent A Supercharged NeoWing Trike!

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By Dennis Chung

One of the most controversial topics regarding contemporary media is that of fake news. Whether it’s intentionally false but designed as click bait or just plain ol’ false or mistaken news, it’s become rampant in our modern culture. We’re even seeing more of it in the world of motorcycles. We at Motorcycle.com care deeply about getting our facts correct so our readers can always count on us, but not all publications are as careful.

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For example, a British motorcycle site recently claimed to have found proof that Honda is working on a supercharged version of its NeoWing reverse trike concept, and several other e-zines have picked up on this story. But if such a contraption is something you’ve been dreaming of, we’ll have to burst your bubble, as the report is completely false. Let’s take a look at how this duplicitous story developed.

Sorry, But This Probably Isn’t a Supercharged 600cc Kawasaki R2

Morebikes.co.uk published its report March 7, claiming to have received illustrations suggesting Honda is putting the NeoWing into production with a supercharged flat-Six based on the Gold Wing’s powerplant. The problem is, none of this supposed evidence supports Morebikes’ claims.

Honda filed two patent applications that illustrate new concepts shown on a NeoWing reverse trike. One was for an air intake design and the other for a fender design that would cover the brake caliper on either of the two front wheels.

The evidence itself is real. Honda did recently file a couple of patent applications with the USPTO for a vehicle that resembles the NeoWing, but neither of them mention using forced induction. The supercharged engine illustrations Morebikes published are also from patent filings, only they weren’t filed by Honda. Rather, the diagrams are from a patent for a piston …read more

Source:: Fake News: No, Honda Did Not Patent A Supercharged NeoWing Trike!


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