Church Of MO 2003 YZF-R6: Not To Be Outdone

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By Troy Siahaan

Next week (Wednesday, to be exact) I’ll be riding the new, 2017 Yamaha YZF-R6 (look for my review Friday). Now, because we’ve already featured the 1999 R6 in a past Church feature, this week we fast forward to the second-generation R6, which our own John Burns got the chance to ride in late 2002. A sharper tool than the original R6 as far as racetrack chops go, after reading this piece stay tuned to my review of the 2017 model to compare and contrast. Something tells me the two models will be very similar in many ways…

Also, be sure to check out the photo gallery to see many more pictures of the 2003 Yamaha R6.

2003 YZF-R6: Not To Be Outdone…

By John Burns, Dec. 23, 2002

Editor’s Note: The Red and Yellow models shown here are European-spec bikes and won’t be delivered to the US. American bikes will feature blue and gray paint schemes.

Meanwhile back in Espana…

There I was… Over the blind hump just after Circuito Almeria’s downhill-plunging turn one, turning right, and inserting my ram-air snout as deep as I dared into the long left that follows with Cycle News’s Blaze Conner and Army of Darkness Agent Phlegming breathing hot sangria breath down my neck, lips peeled back in a death grimace, puck smoking, man and machine genuflecting as one, when ZOT! goes that bastard Don Canet up the inside, slithering on the left edges of his tires like a serpent with a freshly swallowed wildebeest he gathers his R6 up before shooting back in front of my bow BASTARD! when ZING! Randy Mamola appears off to starboard, leaning on my right front four-piston caliper… Bringing all my experience to bear, I froze at the controls and they all went on by. Whatever. I’m a JOURNALIST for …read more

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