Brake Free Smart Helmet Attachment Begins Indiegogo Campaign

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Being conspicuous to other road users is one of the best ways to increase safety on a motorcycle. Brake Free Technologies smart helmet attachment looks to be an effective way to increase visibility.

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Brake Free Technologies Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Smart Helmet Attachment

Brake Free aims to multiply the visibility of motorcycle riders with their advanced lighting technology.

San Jose, CA, March 24, 2017– The team behind Brake Free, the newest innovation in motorcycle safety, announced today that they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on March 27th, 2017.

Brake Free Indeigogo Campaign

Brake Free is a one-of-a-kind smart, high-visibility helmet accessory that commands attention. It utilizes the latest in LED technology to drastically improve rider visibility to surrounding drivers, day and night. Mounted on the back of a helmet, Brake Free is at eye level so all surrounding drivers will see the rider.

“This could be the biggest safety improvement for motorcyclists in a while,” said Dennis “Budman” Kobza Jr., 2017 AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award recipient, California Motorcycle Safety Committee member and owner of Bay Area Riders Forum. “Helmet technology has gotten better, so has the gear, electronic aids have gotten better, but this is unique in terms of raising the awareness of drivers who surround us so often. I think this will save lives and many broken bodies as well.”

Brake Free uses sensors to detect braking, so it is completely wireless, and requires no connection to the motorcycle’s electronics. With its sensors, Brake Free automatically lights up no matter how the rider slows down: braking, engine braking or downshifting to alert surrounding drivers.

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