AltRider Taste Of Dakar Adventure Ride

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By Scott Rousseau

There I was standing in the middle of nowhere, watching my riding partner, certifiable Glamis Dunes freak Scott Shaffstall, have a blast while skiing one of our shiny Honda Africa Twins in some sand dunes in the middle of nowhere in Southern Nevada during AltRider‘s 2017 Taste of Dakar adventure ride.

AltRider’s 2017 Taste of Dakar weekend threw every kind of desert terrain imagineable at the 100+ participants who attended. The event is bucket-lister for real adventure-touring enthusiasts.

“That looks pretty cool,” I said. “Let me get out my camera, and I’ll shoot some pics of you.”

Shaffstall looped around one time, came blazing down the face of a dune and… promptly high-sided, planting himself deeply in the fluffy medium, cracking the Twin’s fairing, tweaking the bars and messing up his right leg in the process. The moral of the story: Never tell someone you’re going to a shoot a photo of them in sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, the damage to both man and machine were not terminal, and we were able to continue our Taste of Dakar adventure.

If you’ve never heard of it, Taste of Dakar is one hell of a fun little desert suarez put on by the folks at AltRider, a Seattle-based manufacturer of hardcore parts and accessories for adventure-touring enthusiasts who actually use their motorcycles off-road. Accordingly, Taste of Dakar is not your average fun run. The goal is to give the participants as much varied terrain as possible, with off-road segments ranging from high-speed fire roads to sections that are nearly impassable – and this year some of them were completely impassable due to snow in the higher elevations. AltRider’s underlying message here is that riding an adventure-touring machine on pavement all day, every day, is a waste of time, and company …read more

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