MO Tested: Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit Review

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By Evans Brasfield

Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit Review

Touring suits have a difficult job description. Quite simply, they need to protect the rider from both the elements and potential mishaps in a wide variety of weather and riding conditions. If you think that’s a prescription for compromise, you’d be right. However, compromise is not necessarily a bad thing. The essence of a successful compromise is how carefully the sacrifices are made. In the case of the Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit, the designers made smart choices in crafting this modular riding garment.

The most obvious choice made by Spidi was to divide the differing kinds of protection required from the 4Season Suit into different layers. The exterior layer features abrasion protection the CE-certified armor in the elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. (Oddly, the back protector is a $110 accessory item that was out of stock, but thanks to the interchangeability of Spidi’s armor, I was able to borrow Tom Roderick’s from his Spidi Ventamax H2Out Jacket.) The next layer is the waterproof layer, followed by the innermost insulating layer.

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Layered Functionality

First, let’s consider the handsome exterior of the Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit. My wife has seen over 20 years-worth of riding gear pass through our house, and I can count on one hand the number of suits that she’s actually made me stop and model for her. After I was done prancing around the kitchen for her, she said the 4Season was the best looking touring suit she’d ever seen me wear. High praise from a very opinionated woman. However, the exterior construction is more than just a pretty face.

The sleeve alone shows the versatility of the Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit. The adjusters allow the rider to fine-tune the sleeve’s fit. The reversible gauntlet …read more

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