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By Evans Brasfield that the rider name boards were still in place.

The tire in question was the new Michelin Power RS which is slated to replace both the Michelin Power 3 and the Michelin SuperSport Evo. I can hear the questions now. Yes, we were testing a street tire, not a street-legal track tire, on a circuit known for its high cornering speeds – and that’s before we consider the 3504-foot front straight on which Jorge Lorenzo set a 351.2 kph (218.2 mph) record in 2016. Michelin must be pretty confident in the performance of the Power RS.

With a 6.5% land/sea ratio, the Power RS almost looks like a slick. The dry edge grip is enhanced by the lack of grooves on the edge of the tire. Note that the highest percentage of siping is around 32°, an angle Michelin says is near the maximum angle leaned over in the rain.

If Michelin’s track choice didn’t exude confidence, the fact that its hyperbole machine was set to 11 sure did. Yes, product introductions are times that manufacturers feel free to puff up – perhaps even overstate – their product’s capabilities to a captive audience, but Michelin reps declared that the Power RS was the “perfect tire” and that its release represented a “watershed moment in the history of motorcycle tires.”

These are huge claims, but they were bolstered with the results of independent testing at the Motorrad Test Center at both the Boxberg and Neuhausen circuits on October 2016. On a BMW S1000RR shod with 120/70ZR17 front and 190/55ZR17 rear, the Power RS purportedly bested the Bridgestone S21, Continental Sport Attack 3, Dunlop SportSmart 2 (not available in the U.S.), Metzeler M7RR, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso III, apparently in every performance category tested.


According to Michelin, sport riders are interested in three things: dry …read more

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