Motorcyclist Avoids Injury After Hitting Flying Mattress

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By Dennis Chung

An Australian rider is lucky to have escaped serious injury after hitting a mattress that had flown off the back of a trailer.

Aaron Wood of Ipswich, Australia, was riding his Honda CBR through a tunnel behind a truck when the untied mattress flew out of its trailer directly towards him. Wood hit the mattress square on at about 50 mph and, miraculously, the bike stayed upright with the mattress rolling under the front wheel before wedging itself against the fairing. The mattress eventually brought Wood to a halt, bucking him up into the air. Wood landed on his feet on the mattress, which is about as good a result as one could hope for.

Speaking with the Queensland Times, Wood says he was unscathed except from some cuts to his hands. Wood held the on so tightly he had ripped the grips from the handlebars.

“The mattress went under the bike and flipped me up onto my front wheel for about 50m,” Wood told QT. “I was lucky that the bloke behind me had time to stop and help.”

Ipswich police are reviewing the footage to try and identify the driver of the truck.

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