Church Of MO First Impression: Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport

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By Troy Siahaan

When you think of Italian sportbikes, Moto Guzzi isn’t the marque that comes to mind first. Heck, it’s probably not the marque that comes to mind third or fourth, either. But every now and then, Moto Guzzi decides to break from its mold and produce a sport (well, sporty, anyway) bike. Such was the case in 1996 with the Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport. A combination of MV quirkiness and performance parts, the 1100 Sport wasn’t your typical Moto Guzzi. How did it work? Here’s Spanish correspondent Antonio Regidor Rao to tell you.

First Impression: Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport

By Antonio Regidor Rao Mar. 23, 1996

When you mention large-displacement Italian sportbikes, most people think Ducati. Mention Moto Guzzi, and images of quirky motorcycles with agricultural long-stroke motors, enormous wheelbases, peculiar brakes, clunky gearboxes and vibration that could rattle your fillings loose come to mind.

But how did people come to associate these unfavorable qualities with Moto Guzzi? Because they’re true. Moto Guzzis have always been saddled with countless peculiarities that their owners chalk up to character while the rest of the world brands them as flawed.

But what happens to that same mental picture when you speak of a Moto Guzzi fitted with upside-down White Power forks, dual 320mm floating Brembo rotors, Marchesini alloy wheels, four-piston Brembo brake calipers, a Bitubo steering damper, White Power monoshock rear, Weber-Marelli fuel injection and sticky Pirelli Dragon tires?Kind of blows away your preconceptions, doesn’t it? With its impressive spec sheet and undeniable charisma, Moto Guzzi’s 1100 Sport may just blow a lot of other people away too.

Our gorgeous red Sport was awaiting us at Motos J. Caparros in Barcelona (141 Valencia Street, Barcelona, Spain), where its beautifully sculpted fairing and striking silhouette drew a …read more

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