Where EagleRiders Dare

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By Tom Roderick

EagleRider, a purveyor of motorcycle tours and rentals both here and abroad, is successful for good reason – because the cups of their customers runneth over with fun and adventure while riding motorcycles as well as when the bikes are stationary. A recent three-day jaunt with the tour company was but a taste of their longer escapades, and we left hungry for more. Aboard the motorcycles, we twisted our way over mountains and pounded out miles of straight, horizon-reaching desert vastness. When off the bikes we ate and drank with gluttonous zeal, gambled, got massaged, and when the riding continued, it included not just motorcycles but also a boat as well as a helicopter.

As much as the idea of riding a BMW over the Alps or attending the Isle of Man races is a dream vacation for many American motorcyclists, so too is the notion for Europeans of piloting a Harley-Davidson across the USA following the most famous of American roads, Route 66. EagleRider claims more than 80% of motorcyclists participating in the company’s Route 66 guided tour from Chicago to Los Angeles are foreign-born bikers. Euros are as good as greenbacks when it comes to the bottom line, but I get the notion EagleRider would like to see more participation from locals. The idea may be derived from EagleRider’s recent press junket where Motorcycle.com was in attendance with a handful of non-endemic media including the likes of Playboy, Men’s Health and Marie Claire magazines, or it could be coincidence, but I think not. And I’m inclined to agree that spending thousands of dollars extra traveling to far-flung places is oftentimes unnecessary if you haven’t explored your own backyard, especially when there’s likely to be an EagleRider location close by.

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