2017 BMW R nineT Racer Review – First Ride

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By Evans Brasfield has done to the R nineT to give us the 2017 BMW R nineT Racer. The glass half-empty crowd will talk about the components that fell away to help keep the Racer’s price down. The glass half-full perspective would stress the cool new additions to the platform that resulted in the Racer.

I’ve been of two minds ever since I first saw photos of the Racer’s swoopy, retro fairing last October. Visually, the motorcycle pushes my buttons, much in the way that the optional fairing equipped Triumph Thruxton R did when it was released. However, I have to admit that I am puzzled at how BMW could grace this R nineT with the name Racer while simultaneously removing some of its performance parts. Would helping to ease the entry cost of such a stylish motorcycle make up for the loss of a degree of sportiness? Well, after taking a nice, long sip, I think the BMW R nineT Racer is pretty tasty.

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BMW has taken the R nineT line and broken it down into two groups. The first is the line’s flagship, the R nineT, a bike that has experienced success that surprised even its designers. Being the line’s flagship, BMW wants to make sure it remains the top dog of the line – both in price and perceived value. So, it sports the fanciest componentry.

Next comes what BMW calls the R nineT derivatives which are the factory version of some of the many customizing options for which the nineT was supposed to be the blank canvas. To date, we’ve got the R nineT Scrambler, the R nineT Pure, and the R nineT Racer. Later this …read more

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