Church of MO: the Book of CBthians

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A reading from the New Testament: We picked up one of the new CB1100 EXs from Honda this week, and so far we’re impressed with its nicer finish details and upgraded suspension – seamless fuel tank, too. And that reminded us of this little comparison test we did shortly after BMW’s R-nineT debuted, which compared the new Boxer with the CB1100 and Moto Guzzi’s oddly cool Griso. A trio of characters with distinct personalities.

Retro Roadster Comparo + Video

BMW R nineT vs. Honda CB1100 vs. Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE

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Tom Roderick September 3, 2014 59 Edit
Photos by: Evans Brasfield Video by: Jay McNally

One of these three motorcycles is commemorative, the other retrospective, and the third, uniquely orthodox relative to the company’s ethos. Probably not hard to ascertain which bike is being referenced. They seem equally comparable yet disparate in the same moment.

Honda‘s, it’s-1978-all-over-again, CB1100 throwback to the heyday of UJMs (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) doesn’t feign to be anything but a modern iteration of the CBs that once were. This is the retrospective bike …read more

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