Best Motorcycle Product Of 2017

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By Evans Brasfield

Best Motorcycle Product Of 2017: NUVIZ

Have you ever had something unexpected happen in front of you while you glanced down at your speedometer or GPS? If you have, you understand that the fraction of a second you look away from the road can have dramatic negative consequences, and as a direct result, you also understand that shortening the time away from looking ahead at the road would be a good thing. This is the beauty of head-up displays (HUD) which are, in their most basic sense, a translucent display which allows the rider to view information without needing to look away from the road. The NUVIZ head-up display (HUD), the first HUD built specifically for motorcycling and is our choice for Best Motorcycle Product of 2017.

MO Tested: NUVIZ Head-Up Display Review

The NUVIZ unit attaches to the chin bar of a rider’s helmet, placing the translucent optical prism housing slightly below the rider’s right eye. Having the location of the prism below the main field of vision keeps it from obstructing the view, yet it allows the use a virtual screen which appears to float about 13 feet ahead. Compared to the traditional location of instruments on the motorcycle dash or handlebar, the amount of eye movement and refocusing required to view the screen is minimal – and this is the real benefit of a HUD.

The NUVIZ chin bar-mounted unit pairs with a handlebar remote, and the engineers have created a consistent visual language for controlling the device with just four buttons and a toggle. Riders can view a speedometer (that is more accurate than the one on their motorcycle) and a GPS map with posted speed limits on many roads plus music and incoming call information – all without taking eyes off the road. The NUVIZ unit …read more

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