Best Scooter Of 2017

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By Gabe Ets-Hokin

Best Scooter of the Year Winner: Kymco Like 150i ABS

If this has been a hard year for scooters (sales are down in the category and there were but a few new models), it’s a harder year for me, the sole self-proclaimed scooter expert here at MO. I’ve ridden a lot of scooters – maybe too many – but if you ask me what’s the best scooter on the market, I’m going to try to find a gap in the conversation so I can slink unnoticed from the room. Editor Duke tried to spear me by demanding a direct answer – I responded with some wishy-washy gibberish about how great a job the Taiwanese scooter industry is doing in this market, so they should all get the prize, but he wants one specific scooter. This job was fun until it got hard.

I, too, am in love with the Vespa GTS 300 Super, MO‘s previous Best Scooter winner, but it’s just too old to win year after year. What does it think it is, Rossi? And the Yamaha SMAX and Honda PCX 150 are also great values, but since scooters are all about practicality and value, I’m going to hand the MOBO to one specific Taiwanese scooter, the Kymco Like 150i ABS.


In one stylish, affordable, easy-to-ride package, the Like represents the up-and-coming Taiwanese scooter manufacturers. Kymco has always made affordable, durable products, but in the past they’ve lacked the build quality, fit and finish of their Japanese and European competitors. That gap has almost completely closed with Kymco’s …read more

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