Midual Motorcycles Type 1

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By Ryan Adams

Being the international man of mystery that you are, you must be in need of an exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted melding of leather and metal that transcends transportation to get you from that hilltop villa overlooking the French Riviera, to your luxury yacht waiting below to take you and your supermodel “friends” out to sail the Côte d’Azur.

Not you? That’s okay; we can all appreciate the French motorcycle maker, Midual‘s attention to detail and engineering prowess which led them to design a motorcycle quite a bit differently than everyone else. It has a certain, je ne sais quoi, one might say.

Midual is a French motorcycle company which resides in the sleepy, yet historic, town of Angers, France, 190 miles southwest of Paris. The entire idea for the motorcycle was developed around a unique perspective of a Boxer-type engine conceptualized by Olivier Midy after his graduation from engineering school. The newly certified engineer decided he would build a motorcycle and, like any engineer would, he would start with the motor.


In 1992, Olivier began designing a flat-Twin engine that, unlike its German counterpart, sat parallel to the direction of travel, facing fore and aft. It would sit in the motorcycle at 25 degrees and, rather than a shaft-drive, would use a more traditional chain for its final drive system. Olivier and his brother had founded a company that operates in the automotive industry which would give him the R&D assistance needed to help him see through the creation of his flat-Twin engine.

The brothers debuted a foam-and-resin concept at the 1999 Paris …read more

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