Church of MO: Let there be Big Photos

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By John Burns

And at some point, God said let there be photos on MO that you can click on to make them even bigger and clearer, and so it came to pass. But not by 2008, when we ran this 50th anniversary celebration of S&S Cycle. For the occasion, S&S handed out engines to a bunch of custom builders, which bikes were then photographed by the illustrious Michael Lichter, six of which are featured in this MO feature. Too bad the photos are so tiny, and even worse that when you click on them they stay that way. Little did we know that the custom cruiser Ice Age had already begun.

Let us give thanks and praise, brothers and sisters, for the evolutionary, I mean, let us give thanks and praise that the current interwebs and my big Macbook now render beautiful, full-screen images better than even the best ink-on-dead-tree products. And if you want a closer look at any of the following machines, a Google image search will likely produce them (which is exactly how I found the lead image). Rock on, oh Great Higher Being who doth make such brilliant technology not only possible but also portable into one’s chosen Reading Room, wherever it may be. Amen, and Full Props.

S&S 50th Anniversary Bike Show

S&S Cycle Celebrates 50 years in business

By Steve Bohn Jul. 21, 2008 Photography by Michael Lichter Photography

When it comes to the American V-twin industry, it seems that companies come and go almost as regularly as the tide rolls in and out. It’s been that way since the beginning of the last century. When you look at today’s business climate you can expect that more companies will meet a similar fate. With that in mind it’s a breath of fresh …read more

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